22 Dec 2018


Peer-to-Peer review in the Musta Kissa Bar in Kallio

The Peer-to-Peer event involving HIAP artists-in-residence Good TV, Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich will take place in the Musta Kissa Bar in Kallio at 6pm on Tuesday, May 29. Magdalena Malm, founding director of MAP (Mobile Art Production, Sweden) and curator of the Good TV project (in collaboration with Gallery Sinne), will chair the event. She will also briefly introduce MAP, an organization that commissions situation-specific artworks.

Good TV, Juan Pedro Fabra, Michele Masucci and Loulou Cherinet, are working on the Shapeshift exhibition project at Sinne Gallery. This involves an examination of the site and the streets around the Sinne Gallery, including historical events and artefacts, mythology and memory. In this spirit the Peer-to-Peer event is being dis-located from the usual art spaces to Kallio.

In 2004, Good TV began broadcasting television programmes on the Stockholm Open Channel, producing televised exhibitions, performances and videos for the medium of TV. Later on, they developed the This Image is No More project, in which volunteers retell an image, face-to-face with an audience. “Our work process and ideas are based on our previous experience with televised storytelling that have developed into new spatial and political investigations of the distribution of mental images,” they say.

Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich will be carrying out a project during their HIAP residency as part of the forthcoming Camouflage exhibition at Kiasma. The artist duo have been doing art projects together for more than ten years. Their artistic partnership has resulted in a number of high-level international residencies and public commissions. About their collaboration they say: “We ask participants in our work to examine their relationship to the environment they
inhabit and reflect on a larger global situation. We are interested in art’s potential to act as a catalyst for social and political transformation. At the heart of our work is the pursuit of an ideal and the question ‘is it possible for Art, and more particularly our practice to provide practical, aesthetic and poetic solutions to social political and environmental problems’.”

Magdalena Malm will take over as Director of The National Public Art Council of Sweden (Statens Konstråd) on August 15, 2012. Malm has previously worked on the IASPIS international exchange programme, where she produced a number of exhibitions, seminars and publications. Aside from being an art producer, MAP is also a development project focusing on curatorial methods, new organizational structures and viewing positions.

All the participants in Peer-to-Peer are part of HIAP’s Arts De Signs – Signalling Art as Social Design residency programme, which provides a new platform for developing the design element of HIAP’s artistic programme. This reflects the fact that contemporary design, too, has become increasingly interested in social innovation and involvement. The programme is part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

For more information contact:
Curator Marita Muukkonen, marita(at)hiap.fi