El Ranchito Finland

Production in Dispersion

El Ranchito Finland brings together a cross-disciplinary group of Finnish and Spanish artists in residencies in Madrid and Helsinki. The collective residency follows the format of a reading group around the themes of acceleration and dispersion: the participants investigate together the questions pertinent to creative practices today regarding immaterial labour.

The artists selected by Matadero Madrid and Frame to participate in the programme are (from Finland) Essi Kausalainen, Mikko Kuorinki, Jaakko Pallasvuo and Nestori Syrjälä, and (from Spain) Elii, Espada y Monleón, Kiko Pérez and María Salgado.

The residencies culminate in exhibitions of new works by the artists. The residency at Matadero Madrid was in January–February 2014 and the resulting exhibition shown in February–March. At HIAP, the artists will be in residence September–October.

El Ranchito Finland is co-produced by Matadero Madrid, AECID, Ibero-American Institute of Finland, Embassy of Finland, Madrid, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and Frame Visual Art Finland.

The programme is organised in collaboration with ARCOMadrid and Alfred Kordelin Foundation.