Martti Kalliala

Martti Kalliala

Cable factory studios
Visual Arts / Architect | Finland
Residencies: 01.01.2015 — 30.04.2015

Martti Kalliala (b. 1980)

Martti Kalliala is an architect whose work focuses on the identification and conceptualization of emerging spatial conditions.

He recently curated the symposia series A Thousand Islands, an extended discussion on boundaries, limits, islands, enclaves/exclaves and states of exception as spatial protocols and produced in collaboration with artist/writer Jenna Sutela and PWR Studio Disruption Begins at Home – a speculative investigation into the ethos of homeownership under a financialized economy of debt. He is also the editor and co-author of Solution 239-246, Finland: The Welfare Game (Sternberg Press, 2011) and a recipient of the Mobius 2014 curatorial / research fellowship in New York. Additionally, alongside his work as an architect he has sustained under several aliases a longstanding international career in electronic music.

He is currently working on a multimedia piece in collaboration with artist Daniel Keller and preparing the launch of a research initiative titled Exodvs.