Wood Working Space

The wood working area is located in the Project Space of the HIAP office building. It is open for HIAP residents and staff, but also for e.g. HIAP alumni and exhibition-/event organisers when so agreed. It is equipped with basic hand- and power tools, mid sized Ulmia table saw, Makita band saw, Makita miter saw, small compressor and a large and sturdy mft work bench.

Currently the space is not suitable for welding or grinding metal, using solvents or aerosols or work that produces harmful fumes or dust such as melting plastics, grinding stone or glass.

Note that noisy and dusty work may occasionally be restricted during events or when the Community Room is booked. All users should attend an introduction to the space and the rules prior to working there. The introduction is usually given by the HIAP technician at the beginning of the residency period or scheduled separately when needed.

The space aims to be a shared, unsupervised work space which requires everyone working there to be mindful of other users and of safety and tidiness.