6 Jan 2017



VIDEOKAFFE: Collective creation

HIAP resident artists VIDEOKAFFE presented installations and collective creation of new works at Galerie Anhava between November 24 and December 18, 2016.

TA: VIDEOKAFFE is an assembly of people from different backgrounds, who put on exhibitions in various combinations. 

VIDEOKAFFE: Yes, the themes of our exhibition are developed by the members of the collective months in advance. This gives us some time to individually develop and bring finished work on the theme. The members’ own pre-finished work gives us a good starting point / reference for our exhibition collaborations.

TA: Is communication between the members of VIDEOKAFFE always easy?

VIDEOKAFFE: No, but over time we have learned how to resolve problems and misunderstandings. Of course we are often under great time pressure and pushing ourselves to the limit of our capabilities. This inherently brings stress which can lead to conflict. But we all have a cooperative identity and great spirits and we take it in stride.

TA: What are the ideas and interests that all members of VIDEOKAFFE share?

VIDEOKAFFE: I think we see art as a means for exploration, not solely as a destination.
We enjoy finding solutions through tinkering, and discovering through making.
We also very much enjoy each other’s company and unique background / point of view. We also learn from each other as our members all have a unique set of skills and abilities we all gain from exposure to.

TA: In Anhava, part of the gallery was transformed into a laboratory where VIDEOKAFFE created new works during the exhibition. Did the audience ever participate, give advice or interfere?

VIDEOKAFFE: We had one visitor volunteer to help document the exhibition. One student started to collaborate with one of the members to create a work for the show. One visitor I can remember stayed a bit too long and stood a bit too close but no real interference.

TA: Do the sculptures really work?

VIDEOKAFFE: Yes, but most of the sculptures are prototypes and may not always be the most refined solution. It is more important for us to push the limits of what we can make in our short time together and experiment.  Once we discover something that we find interesting and works we can refine it over the months between our residencies and exhibitions.

Read more: http://www.videokaffe.com

Images courtesy of VIDEOKAFFE.