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Ukraine Solidarity Residencies Programme (USRP) was started in March 2022 by a group of independent art organisations who joined together to pool resources and share information. USRP offers residencies and accommodation for Ukrainian and Ukraine-based artists and art professionals that have been affected by the war in Ukraine. The aspirations of the collaboration are to promote solidarity by establishing sustainable support networks and finding the means for Ukrainian artists to continue their practices.

The current partners of the programme are:

AARK, Art Centre Salmela, Fairres, Goethe-Institut Finnland, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Nelimarkka Museum, Pro Artibus, The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation, The Finnish Illustration Association Kuvittajat, The Finnish Darkroom Association and Värtsilä Artist Residency. The continuation of the programme in 2024 is possible due to the support the Ministry of Education and Culture.




Living conditions / Basic Information

The residencies are located in various places, mostly around southern Finland. Accommodation, travel and living costs of the residents are covered as part of the program. The residency period offered is 3-6 months with the possibility of continuation up to 12 months. The residencies can host a single artist or artist with family members (up to 4 people).


USRP Network Members / Residency Collaborators

AARK (Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo) is located in a small apartment building from the sixties, on the island of Korpo in the Turku Archipelago. It consists of four airy apartment studios which each include living and working spaces as well as a kitchen with basic amenities. The residency has a large yard and is situated right beside the sea. Close to the ferry that operates between the islands Korpo and Nauvo, it is easily accessible by public transport.

Art Centre Salmela provides each resident artist with a private room and a separate studio for working. Common spaces include a kitchen, bathrooms, and a living room. The studios and bedrooms may be shared among multiple artists as agreed ahead of time. There are 1-4 artist’ in residence at a given time.

Art in Lov Residence (Loviisa art support association) is an artist residency in Loviisa, Finland that started in 2021. The residency welcomes professional practitioners of all art forms from visual arts to music and dance, including curators. The distinctive thing about the residency is our focus on collaboration with local partners, opportunity for participation, local activities and art in public spaces. The residency offers housing and working space to several artists at the same time, and it is also possible for artists to come with family. The residency is located in an old stone house in the city center with a view of the town square. The residency has a large shared workspace, and accommodation is organised communally with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Fairres is an Eco Art Residency located in the Finnish town of Porvoo. The residence consists of a 45m² semi-detached house with its own garden and a separate 15m² workspace with 24/7 access. Fairres AiR can offer the resident a silent retreat or collaboration with the Porvoo cultural scene.

HIAP offers solidarity residencies in two Helsinki locations; Suomenlinna island and the Cable factory. Both locations offer furnished apartments and studio options as well as access to HIAP’s facilities. Families are welcome at both locations. More information about the residency programme and locations here.

Nelimarkka Artist Residency is maintained by Nelimarkka Museum and is located in a nice quiet place close to the centre of Alajärvi. The two-storey residency building was designed by famous architect Alvar Aalto in 1926. On the main floor there is a gallery space, the second floor is solely for the artist’s use and consists of two private rooms and a large shared studio along with a shared kitchen and laundry facilities, The residency also provides bicycles.

The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation hosts residents at the Tapiola Guest Studio which is located in Espoo and is 83 m2. There are good transport connections to Helsinki. The workspace is bright and 6 meters high; windows face north to provide even lighting. There is a wooden floor in the studio and walls have been painted white. The workspace is equipped with tables and an easel, and some other simple basic tools. There is also a printer-scanner and a designer monitor. Besides, there are 1-2 camera stands in the studio. However, there is no specific production facilities. If needed, through partnerships, the Foundation can connect the artist to some other local organisations providing access to diverse workshops etc. The studio has an Internet connection, Wi-Fi network. The Guest Studio includes also a kitchen, a bathroom and a living balcony / sleeping loft (15 m2). The live/work studio is in private use of the resident artist. It is suitable also for an artist couple or two artists. Sometimes also small artist families have been hosted in the studio; however, the staircases of the studio are not very safe for children. Due to the staircases, the physical environment of the studio cannot be considered barrier-free / accessible. There is also a sauna in the building.

Värtsilä Artist Residency located in the North Karelia region of Finland offers accommodation, studio space and an artist material allowance. The artist are accommodated in private apartments and there is a priority towards hosting artists with families.

At the moment the Solidarity Residencies are not offering new residency spots for 2024. We hope to open our request form again in the near future.

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We stand for immediate peace in Ukraine and throughout the world. We encourage everyone to contribute any way they can, whether it’s demonstrating, donating, sharing information or providing other kinds of support.