November 4th

17:00 – 21:00 Exhibition Opening

18:00 musical performance by Julia Charkina

November 5th

15.00-18.00 Kekri Mask workshop for kids facilitated by artist Nataliia Deineka

In the spirit of Kekri, the celebration surrounded by magic, belief, and myths, we invite families with kids to join the festivities and come make Kekri masks with Ukrainian artist Nataliia Deineka. The workshop can accommodate 10 kids at the same time. However, free spots will appear regularly once the previous participants are finished with making their masks.

The language of the workshop is English, so we ask the parents to stay for the workshop and help with translating the instructions to the children. Nataliia will attend to every kid individually and help with creating a unique Kekri mask.

Nataliia Deineka is a naive artist and the teacher of Arts from Rivne, Ukraine. The common field of her work – graphics and decorative painting of the other side of reality and emotions on canvas, glass, wood, paper.

November 12th – Finissage 14:00-19:00

14.00 Guided tour of the exhibition by the artists

The artists participating in the exhibition will give an exhibition tour for the public. It is an amazing chance to hear about the works straight from the artists, and discuss the themes raised in the exhibition.

Artists participating in the tour are Alina Khorolska, Anastasiia Sviridenko, Jenia Advokat, Katya Lesiv, Maria Kulikovska, Maria Leonova, Nataliia Deineka, Oksana Mykhanko, Olga Zaremba, Vlada Kupriyanova, Yaroslav Minkin, and Yulia Lyubych.

The guided tour will be held in English.

15.30-17.30 Open Dialogue About Peace facilitated by Yuliya Lyubych and Yaroslav Minkin

The Open Dialogue About Peace methodology was created to organize meaningful events for International Peace Day in Ukraine and all over the world. During the dialogue participants are answering a question: how to live peacefully in the society if peace means not only the absence of war or violence but also the conditions for life in equality, and justice, with opportunities for development for all and respect for human rights?

The dialogue is contributing to prevent the fragmentation of communities and boost (re)integration of Ukrainians into European society and opening new ways of building peace on daily bases. The dialogue methodology was created in a frame of the common project of Youth organization “STAN” and Polit-Forum Bern with support of European Cultural Foundation.

The event will be facilitated in English. There is a possibility to accommodate 3 groups at the same time, one group is up to 10 participants.

About facilitators: Yulia Lyubych is an educator, conceptual artist, and cultural translator. Designer of educational programs in youth organization “STAN”, trainer in Goethe-Institut educational program “Cultural transformation Lab”. She was responsible for the creation of the intercultural guides “Ukrainian Bouquet of People”, the development of a methodology for International Peace Day, the facilitation of youth dialogues, and diverse non-formal educational programs.

Yaroslav Minkin is a peacebuilder, (trans)cultural mediator, and human rights defender. Founder of the youth organization “STAN”, and trainer of Goethe-Institut educational programs for cultural professionals. As an artist, he won two international poetry slams in Kyiv and Riga, and made a significant number of art performances, and actionism interventions. As a trainer, Yaroslav has expertise in strategic management, participatory democracy, intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and non-discrimination, community mapping and cultural urban development, human rights education, and art activism.

18:00-18:30 Musical performance Diaries of Hope by Vlada Kupriyanova

“When I heard the first air raid signal, the music stopped in me, and silence came. This horror stopped my whole previous life, and it seemed there was nothing ahead.” However, life goes on, even in such difficult circumstances. In addition to fear and horror, other feelings and emotions gradually began to return. Hope began to return. This album tells how inspiration and music come back to the world. As war goes on, the listener can witness the development of historical events displayed in music by a direct participant.

Vlada Kupriyanova is a Ukrainian composer and musician. The idea of her work is to create emotional stories with the help of abstract art like music. Vlada’s style is distinguished by simplicity, the use of minimal means, and a return from dissonances to tonal, consonant music. Using simple and accessible means for every listener, she addresses personal experiences and feelings with the help of motives and harmonies from childhood.