13 Jun 2017


Juha Huuskonen

SeMA Nanji Open Studios

Photo: Welcome words by Choi Hyo-jun, SeMA General Director

In April 2017 we (Director Juha Huuskonen & Curator Jenni Nurmenniemi / HIAP) had a chance to visit Seoul in the SeMA NANJI Open Studio event. The event was a chance to learn more about the work of 19 local residency artists/researchers and 6 international artists.

One of the international residents is Heikki Kaski, who is the first Finnish artist in Seoul in context of a residency exchange that is realised as a collaboration between Finnish Cultural Foundation, HIAP and SeMA NANJI. In the photo below you can see Heikki’s studio, just a few days after he had arrived in Korea. Heikki had ordered flags from ship breaking yards from India which he is planning to use as canvases for some of his works. His main agendas in Seoul is to shoot a series of photographs exploring topics such as Christianity and politics in South Korea (including topical issues such at the Anti-THAAD demonstrations, the influence of China and USA, etc).

Here is a selection of photos from some of the SeMA NANJI residency artists’ studios:

Park Sunmin

Mo Kim

LEE Hangjun

Euyoung Hong

Sejin Kim

Heikki Kaski

The residency concludes with a group exhibition of all residency artists in SeMA Nanji gallery spaces:

Meanwhile, the artist duo RohwaJeong is undertaking a 3 month residency at HIAP in Helsinki. Here are a couple of photos of RohwaJeong’s work from a recent HIAP Open Studio event:

RohwaJeong’s work at HIAP Open Studio in May 2017. Photos: Judit Schuller.

About SeMA NANJI Residency

The residency offers:
– a private studio/living space (approx. 22.4m2 / studio and living space combined in one room)
– reimbursement of air fare (up to USD 900)
– For Finnish artists who are selected via the open call via Finnish Cultural Foundation: a working grant of 2000 €/month (and travel costs up to 1000 €).

The residency programme includes:
– A group exhibition opportunity at the end of the term (media equipment rental, promotion, and professional photography documentation of the exhibition, etc offered)
– 1-1 critic workshop : we match a Korean critic to an artist. His/her essay of the artist’s practice is published in the annual book(Korean/English)
– Korean Cultural Experience Program: an excursion to historic sites in Seoul

The next open call for Finnish artists for SeMA NANJI residency will be open between 10-31 August 2017. More information will be announced on Finnish Cultural Foundation website.