Yameli Mera

Yameli Mera is currently the curator at Sala de Arte Público Sigueiros in Mexico City. Mera is the former General Coordinator and Researcher of Coleccíon Isabel y Agustín Coppel, where she collaborated on a variety of projects and exhibitions, among them Blockbuster: Cinema for Exhibitions and Mexico: Expected / Unexpected. Independently Mera has participated in exhibitions presented at the University Museum for Contemporary Art and the National Museum of Art. Recently she has curated Matrulla. Landscape and Memory and Prey and Predator with Beatriz Santiago Muñoz and Moris respectively. In 2014 Mera also became a collaborator of Independent Curators International. She has collaborated as a researcher on several publications on art criticism and theory. Her areas of interest and expertise focus on contemporary art and film, with special emphasis on images studies, as well as political art. Mera completed her degree in art history at the Universidad Iberoamericana and received a Masters in Art History, specialising in contemporary art, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.