Xavier Acarín

Xavier Acarín (b. 1982) is a curator and researcher from Barcelona based in New York. Acarín’s practice revises art and social histories as a means to propose different composition of the material and the sensorial. He holds a Master in Curatorial Studies from the Center of Curatorial Studies at Bard College, and he has worked as an art producer for various institutions in Spain and in the United States. Acarín’s projects have been presented at Chez Bushwick, Elastic City, The New School for Social Research, and Peekskill Project 6. His writings have been published at A-Desk and BRAC (University of Barcelona) and he has participated as author of the books Designing Experience (Bloomsbury, 2014), and Dear Helen (CCS Bard, 2014).

Recently I have been focused on the study of the performative as a field of encounter between different elements and entities. This effort includes a questioning of the status of the body and the object and their correlation within a situation. I am especially interested in situations that have the potential to alter the sensible and the perceptual circumstances of the everyday, and generate disruptions of the established material and existential arrangements as produced by modes of production and consumption. These situations are moments of upheaval that intensify and amplify the limits of human experience, of what is possible and imaginable. At HIAP I will be developing a section of this research dedicated to riots.