Xabier Salaberria

Xabier’s work is based in specific interventions that he realize in a space or in a social situation after spending some time with the people and the place. In 2005 Xabier spent three months in residency at Frankfurter Kunstverein. There his commission was to create a new bar/meeting point taking into account certain ideas like the German notion of the “Stammtisch”, the morphology of the building (a reconstruction of an invention of the Gothic style made in 1830, now used as bar and exhibition space) and his own references about where and how people meet and mingle.

“I work with the space. It means that I create spaces using mostly elements that could be defined as furniture. Simple means and materials should be use to maximize a social situation or, even better, to discover possibilities hidden till then to the users. In opposition to “trends” or “design” my work can only be produced if I stay and invest in the situation as well.”

– Xabier Salaberria 2008

Projects and exhibitions:
_ Solo exhibition in Carreras Mugica gallery, Bilbao 2007.
_ ATTITUDE collective exhibition in C/O Atlegerhardsen Gallery, Berlin 2006.
_ Solo exhibition in LIquidacion Total, Madrid.
_ Share your time drink and food in Kunstverein, with Gorka Eizaguirre in Frankfurt Kunstverein.
_ Collective exhibition Sessió Continua, CCCB.
_ Collective exhibition The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds, with Luca Frei in REKALDE, Bilbao.
_ D.A.E collective project with L.Vergara, P. Aguirre , G. Eizagirre for MANIFESTA 5. Donostia 2005.
_ Donostia Pavilion -Unbuikt project- with L. Vergara (AD DOC, Mugalari 6-Nov- 2004) .
_ Intervention in Gure Artea 2002, Rekalde Bilbao.
_ Re- Opening in ARTELEKU 2002, Garai- Txarrak collective project.
_ Platform design in ARTELEKU garden.
_ Elektronikaldia 2001, Kursaal Donostia.
_ Artists meeting Superkongresua, D.A.E. Donostia.

Residences and workshops.
_ Rosseum center of Contemporary Art, Sweden.
_ Txomin Badiola & Angel Bados workshop in ARTELEKU, 1998.
_ Peio Irazu workshop in ARTELEKU.

_ EJ-GV. Basque Goverment.
_ Diputación Foral de Guipúzcoa.