Wonwoo Lee

Wonwoo Lee is an artist who performs complex works with a wide spectrum, encompassing various media such as sculpture, installation, performance, video, painting, and text. Inspired by various elements encountered in everyday life, he is working to evoke life by creating cracks with his unique wit and humor. Capturing various ironies in life, sometimes covering various layers from cheesy jokes to cynical black humor, he is currently focusing on creating ‘situations’ that the audience can experience directly.

He is a member of ‘…Joketta Project’ and ‘MLH,’ a multi-genre group. He has been actively exhibiting works at various museums including Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea), Art Sonje Center (Seoul, Korea), Amore Pacific Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea), and Songzhuang Art Center (Beijing, China), and has gained significant attention from both local and international curators, critics, collectors, and related art professionals.

The title of my HIAP residency project is ‘To the Land of Happiness’. I want to research and work on what happiness is by examining the landscape and people of the happiest country in the world. The results of exploring the land of happiness are to be developed into works using drawings, small sculptures, photographs, and videos.

I have been working on ‘Lost and Found’, which instantly turns lost objects into small sculptures, and ‘Your Beautiful Future’, which makes the audience’s future into small sculptures. Like this, I am also planning a project to meet the audience in the Land of Happiness and work on the past or future they want to find.

The residency is realised in context of a collaboration between HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Finnish Cultural Foundation and SEMA Nanji.