Wilfried Huet

Wilfried Huet is the publisher of the art magazine GAGARIN – the artists in their own words, located in Antwerpen. During his residency, Wilfried Huet will give a public presentation of the magazine, followed by a workshop at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Discussions and meetings with local visual artists are also arranged.

GAGARIN is a recent international revue, entirely dedicated to the publication of especially written and unpublished texts written by artists who are now working, anywhere in the world. GAGARIN publishes their words in an unfiltered way. The texts are published in their original language and alphabetical writing, with unabridged translations in English and in Dutch. Advertising and visual material are deliberately kept out.

In collaboration with the Archive for Small Press & Communication (ASPC) at the Neues Museum Weserburg in Bremen (Germany), GAGARIN features a supplementary survey of artists’ writings published world wide. GAGARIN does not restrict itself to a particular period or import and runs trough the codes that are applied in the world of art. GAGARIN is aimed at those who do not tend to wait until everything is accepted and synthesised and those who are prepared to leave the road to search for stimulating art and ideas while they are still fresh. GAGARIN is the only art magazine in the world that lends the word exclusively to the artists.