Vincent Roumagnac

Vincent Roumagnac is a Helsinki-based Basque-French discipline-fluid artist and researcher. Initially trained as an actor and a director, Roumagnac drifted away from “straight theatre”’s regimes of production to look at how the notion and practice of the “stage” transform through contemporary climate-morphing, techno-ecological conditioning, and media-hybridizing. In 2020, he completed a Doctorate in Arts at the Performing Arts Research Centre (Uniarts Helsinki) based on the artistic research project ‘Reacclimating the Stage’. Thereafter, he initiated the four-year post-doctoral project DATA OCEAN THEATRE (D.O.T.).

At HIAP, I’ll be working on Tragedy & the Goddexxes/VII. Exodos, the last episode of the first artistic part of my postdoctoral artistic research project Data Ocean Theatre. Exodos consists of two intertwined sections: 1. the carrying out, during the three-month residency, of collaborative work with guest artists, manifesting at the end of the period through a mini festival of sea-attentive performances (seaformances), and, 2. the staging of a series of research come-togethers (talks, presentations, discussions) taking place on the encounter between the artistic research project and the Research Pavilion 5 topic Puzzled Together.

Vincent Roumagnac’s residency is one of the Uniarts Helsinki Research Pavilion #5 residencies, a collaboration between HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Saari Residence and Uniarts Helsinki.