Tomasz Bajer

Tomasz Bajer (b.1971) is a Polish visual artist interested in contemporary phenomenons, social and political issues and conceptions centred around the free culture.

In 1997 he was given a diploma and a reward for his artistic work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (Poland). The artist has been a two-time grant holder of the Ministry of Culture and an artist-in-residence in Carrara (I), Essen (D), Strassbourg (F), Munich (D) and Newcastle (UK); nominated for the Europaeisches Kolleg der Bildenden Kuenste in Berlin. His artistic activities involve conceptual art, action art, language art, installation, objects, sculpture, multimedia and painting.

In his works, the artist explores the issues of image, perception of reality and reality’s iconic representation in media. By using culture jamming, he points out contradictory messages in economy, human rights and politics. His artwork is created by using iconographic elements or by precisely copying the items. This turns the original meaning of an object to it’s opposite.

Anatomy of corporations

In our times the value of the mark is synonymous with the power of corporations and the highest value is the prestige and not just sales. The project Anathomy of Corporations is a critical analysis of known marks and corporations attempt to show what is hidden under all known trademarks.

This project intends to draw out the specific anatomy of the corporation. Visual disturbance is part of complete picture of companies, not only what is offered for sale. Unfortunately, well known and popular companies support the exploitation and slave labor, forbidden experiment with drugs, experiments on animals, and environmental devastation. They also contribute to crises and armed conflicts, which are used by them and even financed by them. The project Anatomy of Corporations hits the most sensitive point of the image and prestige that is well-known by corporations. Trade marks have become the starting point for artistic experiment, to show the true picture.