TOKAMAK is a yearly structured residency, which has taken place at the HIAP residence on the Finnish island of Suomenlinna since 2010. With an emphasis on Russia and the Baltic region, TOKAMAK takes its name from the nuclear fusion reactor of the future which heats isotopes found in water to produce electricity. While the configuration of the residency changes from year to year, the aim of TOKAMAK is to encourage instances of creative and intellectual collision in conditions of tranquil isolation.

Artist manifesto

From Summer 2016: The joint task of the residents of TOKAMAK 7, Agents of Agency, will be to explore the idea of artistic Agency through the international cultural trope of Espionage– creating a collaborative film-collage of remakes, homages or radical re-imaginings of scenes from international spy films which can come from any period or location. Participants will be asked to come to the residency with a film, TV show, novel, short story or nonfiction account selected, which we will look at, one or two per evening, and then discuss in terms of production strategy for the next day. We also ask each participant to present his/her own work to the group. The rest of our time will be spent “freely”! At HIAP Suomenlinna Studios, Johan Tobias (Sculpture) Studio.

From Summer 2015: This summer, the TOKAMAK residency participants will discuss the concept of Idleness as it relates to the intimidating task of nurturing and sustaining an autonomous and original practice while attempting to partake of the structural supports offered by naturally partial institutions. Nowadays when “independent” artists become subjects and actors of the precarious economy, their art is subjugated to multiple simultaneous projects, deadlines, the principles of networking, PR and self-promotion to such an extent that it almost totally formats their art. In order to rescue Art, Artists and maybe Time itself from the accelerated modes of production we have decided to promote and hopefully practice Idleness as a potential alternative mode where art can hide and may take other forms and pace or maybe, freed from aim, merge with life in an avant-garde Indolence. Our program will consist of text and topic-based discussions, performances, games and presentations.