Takatoku Nishi

The concept of Takatoku Nishi’s work is to extract optical phenomena from natural scenes and reconstruct them using materials and construction methods. He then creates new natural scenes by incorporating natural forces such as the sun and wind into his work.

His background is unique. For example, after obtaining a Ph.D. in design from Tokyo University of the Arts, he enrolled in a second Ph.D. course in architecture at the same university.

In addition to his individual activities, he has represented the team ‘SPL.’ and has presented work domestically and internationally. From 2022, he and his partners started the ‘OSOTO lab.’

I have three objectives during my HIAP residency. Firstly, to investigate the natural spectacle of the sun and other elements. Secondly, to investigate architectural spaces with impressive light. And to create a work dealing with light in Finland. My spatial work will take an even greater leap forward by learning about the beauty of the natural light produced by Finland’s land and by investigating architectural spaces with light that were created because of the country’s location.

Takatoku Nishi’s residency is realised in the context of a collaboration between HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Finnish Cultural Foundation, TOKAS – Tokyo Art and Space and Nomura Foundation.