Susanne Clausen & Pawlo Kerestey

Susanne Clausen (b. 1967 in Munich, Germany) and Pawlo Kerestey (b. 1962 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine) have worked together since 1997 in London and Munich as an artists’ collective called Szuper Gallery. Szuper Gallery is a kind of conceptual art gallery that invades public spaces, mixes real with fake and parodies the institutions and commercialness of the execution of art and the production of art objects. Szuper Gallery creates artworks ranging from drawings to videos and photos; architectural installations such as the glass lift that takes you nowhere in the Munich immigration office; and performances such as hanging out at a party dressed as 1970s German riot police or losing money in stockbrokering.

Szuper Gallery’s international career includes Whitechapel Art Gallery in London, 2001; Künstlerhaus in Bremen, Germany, 2001 and 2002; Kunsthalle Wien, Austria, 2001; Para/Site Art Space in Hong Kong, 2004; Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia, and ICA London, 2004; and Western Front in Vancouver, Canada, 2005. In Helsinki, their performance Rehearsing the Extras was seen in Forum Box in 2005.