Sujin Lim

Sujin Lim (b. 1979) was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea. She currently resides and works in Germany. Sujin creates site-specific artistic interventions that relate to socio-political issues, these are accompanied by research-based video documentation. Through performances and installations that transform her chosen sites within their context, she aims to ask questions by reversing situations that appear impossible to change. The work provides an alternative reality in which we can identify the potential of each space; spaces turn from darkness to brightness, from dependence to independence, or from desperation to empowerment.

Sujin has had two solo exhibitions in Korea. Her works have been selected for the IV Moscow International Biennale for Young Art curated by David Elliott at the Museum of Moscow (2014), At the End of the World in the Marke 6 Gallery at the Neues Museum in Germany (2012), and Storming Partyin Art Museum at the Seoul Museum of Art (2009).

She has traveled and developed her work through residencies such as at the Changdong Art Studio run by The National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea (2006), Villa Sträuli in Switzerland (2014), and at the Residence Program offered by BMUKK in cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria (2014).