Stephanie Steinkopf

Stephanie Steinkopf (b. 1978) is a contemporary German photographer with a strong interest in social issues. In general she is focused on long-term projects based on the development of close relationships with individuals. She lives and works in Berlin.

Steinkopf earned an MA in Ethnomusicology, Contemporary History and Latin American Studies before starting to study photography. She graduated from the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografia in Berlin. Her long-term project Manhattan – Street of Youth won several prizes and awards including Vattenfall Photo Award 2012 and gute aussichten – New German Photography 2013/14. For her efforts she received the European Photo Exhibition Award (EPEA02) and artist’s grant VG Bildkunst.

Her photographs have been exhibited in Germany and abroad, including Deichtorhallen – House of Photography Hamburg, CO Berlin and Museum Villa Stuck Munich.

Stephanie Steinkopf’s 2014 residency was organised by Goethe Institut Helsinki in cooperation with HIAP.