Søren Glosimodt Mosdal

Illustrator and comics artist. Born in 1972 Nairobi, Kenya. Mosdal has the for last 25 years worked as a comic artist and illustrator for a wide range of publishers at home and abroad. His debut album Gash (1999, Slab – O – Concrete) is a collection of stories. Then Feuerwerk (Amok) followed in 2001. Since then his comics, often produced in collaboration with author jacob Ørsted, has been published up through the 2000s in a myriad of danish and foreign anthologies. The original Rockworld trilogy was also created during this period. Søren Mosdals latest publishings are Erik Le Rouge, roi de l’hiver (2014, Casterman), about the famous viking, Trojka with danish author Kim Leine (2018, Fahrenheit) and Basquiat (2019, Soleil). Since 2012 he is associated with comics studio Kulkælderen in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. He lives in Amager, Denmark.

At the CUNE residence, I would mainly work together with Helsinki-based Finnish artist and comics teacher Sami Aho on our Peacemutant project. Peacemutant is a feminist science fiction action comic, where the gender of the central characters changes according to needs, passions, social status or a changing location.
The idea is to describe physical and mental state more as waves and flows than as boundaries and permanent conditions. In addition to the limitlessness of gender and sexuality, another underlying theme is the changing environment and its effects on organisms in general and on social structures. We are especially interested in the multiplier effects of small events and local actions. The main character of the story, Peacemutant, walks through the ruins of humanity, encountering new and old forms of life, social models and challenges of the changed surroundings. Her/his general goal is peace between all living and her/his private goal is sublimation.

Søren Mosdal’s residency is realised in collaboration with CUNE Comics-in-Residence Programme.