Soko Hwang

Soko Hwang is an artist, curator, and designer. He has been engaged with the notions of mobility, conflicts, and transnationals through questioning national narratives, established knowledge, colonial legacies, and reproduced myths. Currently, his artistic practice examines excluded knowledge and forgotten cultural practices with counter-narratives, elsewhere, and memories.

Soko Hwang is a founder and co-artistic director of Drifts, which is a nomadic art platform that organizes festivals, symposiums, and projects in different regions in Helsinki and Seoul. It seeks to engage with critical dialogues and address urgent societal issues through audiovisual, performative, and discursive practices. In 2023, he is a co-artistic director of the Pixelache festival.

I will research and experiment with multidisciplinary audiovisual performance and archival works “Conflicting Paradises” at HIAP residency in 2023. The Conflicting Paradises is an experiment in which modern colonialism and reproduced exoticism are questioned and dismantled. The project will research exotic animal and plant migration paths, memories of oppression, and origins and derivation of the zoo’s architecture by addressing the Japanese colonial era’s reproduction of the animal and botanical garden in Changgyeonggung Palace located in Seoul, South Korea.