Soko Hwang

Soko Hwang is an artist and curator focusing on mobility, hybridity, and fluidity. His artistic practice unveils counter-narratives, diasporic history, excluded knowledge, and forgotten cultural practices through film, video, performance, and installation. He is a founder and co-artistic director of Drifts Festival, a nomadic art platform that organizes festivals, symposiums, and projects in different regions in Helsinki and Seoul.

I will experiment with multidisciplinary audiovisual performance and archival works “Conflicting Paradises” at HIAP residency in 2023. The Conflicting Paradises researches the transforming landscape by colonialism. The project will retrace the diasporic journey of exotic animals and plants, memories of oppression, resistance history, and the origins, derivation, and reproduction of colonial legacies such as modern zoo and greenhouse architecture from Western Europe to East Asia.