Sirkku Rosi

Sirkku Rosi (Finland) works mainly with aquarelles and performance art. She is interested in the shared state of being between everything cellular; porous skin as a leaking border between one’s body and the environment and circulation of waters through our bodies and through universe. Her works are about coexistence and sensuality in all bodies. In Rosi´s works, plants and humans decomposing and sprouting.

Rosi studied in Aalto University and University of Arts Helsinki. She has had several exhibitions in Finland and abroad and her works are included in the Finnish State Art Collection and Tampere Art Museum collection.

In HIAP residency I will continue my work with aquarelles on paper and canvas about coexisting and knowledge of flesh. Performance art is also part of my body of work. I am thrilled to work at Suomenlinna, next to the sea and rocks, who I hope to meet with my sensing body as a starting point of my process.

I am interested in the shared cellular state of being and about the fact, that we can not separate us from the environment.

Sirkku Rosi’s residency at HIAP is realised in collaboration with University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation.