Sigrid Viir

Sigrid Viir is an Estonian visual artist working mainly with photography and installation. In addition to her solo practice she is a member of Visible Solutions LLC that focuses on exploring the relationship between art and economy. In her solo practice Viir is mostly interested in so called everyday ”tools” that we use to function in society and the implementation of which is often unnoticeable, due their quotidian nature. She likes to turn things upside down, ask the question why and then put it together in a different order so that the often dysfunctional object could reveal something about ourselves.

During my residency at HIAP, I plan to work further with my upcoming exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia. The working title of it being ”False Holiday Maker”. My plan A is to find out (visual?) ways to show why it is problematic that work has become omnipresent and invisible in quite many situations and how it is more and more difficult to draw a line between your own time and working hours. My plan B is to imagine that I am on holiday and have all the free time to my self and no obligations at all.