Sergii Shaulis

Sergii Shaulis is Ukrainian artist and sculptor who combines traditional sculpting techniques such as metal casting and welding with modern 3D technologies. Relying on his personal experience and experiences of those around him, Sergii explores internal states of a human and looks for a form that would reflect the essence of the problem, symbolise a condition.
For Sergii, a prevailing topic of the past 9 years has been war. War comes through in different series of work that he returns to, creating new pieces.
The series have no final count and remain open for the new pieces. This process happens in parallel with artist’s life, it lives and develops together with him. Sergii keeps the opportunity to return, rethink, and introduce new forms and meanings to the existing series. This process is essentially endless and thus interesting to the artist.


I appreciate the opportunity to be in HIAP resident in Värtsilä. I plan to make the series of works in two different techniques. It will be mix of classic and modern technologies 3D. I`ll create 3-5 artworks from steel armature and concrete and 5-7 3D works using Augmented reality. Such combination will show the same sculpture in various views.

Sergii Shaulis is currently in-residence at Värtsilä Artist Residency for the period 1.1.–30.6.2023.

Shaulis’s residency is realised in context of the Ukraine Solidarity Residencies programme.

The current partners of the programme are AARK, Art Centre Salmela, Connecting Points programme, Fairres, Goethe-Institut Finnland, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Loviisa Art Support Association, Nelimarkka Museum, Pro Artibus, The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation, The Finnish Illustration Association Kuvittajat, and Värtsilä Artist Residency.

In 2023, the programme is supported by Kone Foundation and Nordic Culture Point.