Sarah Ritter

Sarah Ritter (b.1978), France is a french photographic artist. After studying philosophy, she studied photography in the national school of photography of Arles in France. Her works awards several prices, and she made several residencies in France, Vietnam, Spain. Her works has been exhibited for example during the Rencontres d’Arles, the biennale of Mulhouse, and at the Photographic center of Ile-de-France (Paris).

One can define the pictures of Sarah Ritter first as being on the edge : on the edge of portrait which pays maybe more attention to posture than to face, on the edge of a scenary that refers to space and its pleats.

Image does not account for something, but builts imaginary and projections, suggesting without asserting. Photography becomes a potential of fiction, dramatized. Beyond the photographic depiction, language is then the one of evocation – the one of building a scenery cluttered up with the images’ secret.