Sarah Hillebrecht

sarah hillebrecht – sculptor
lives and works in bremen/ germany. 3 years professional training as woodsculptor plus 5 years studies at the university of arts bremen, germany + unitec university auckland, new zealand (diploma). national and international symposia, artist residencies and exhibitions (germany, denmark, finland, norway, netherlands, turkey, france, spain, switzerland, australia, taiwan, russia)
stipends (selection):
2021 andreas art prize 2021, st. andreasberg, germany, twingi landArt, binn, switzerland
2019 pleinair for figurative sculpture, gustav-seitz-stiftung, trebnitz, germany
2017 workstipend schlossmediale werdenberg, switzerland
2015 air zarya center for contemporary art, vladivostok, russia

DESCRIPTION for a site-specific research project
WORK TITLE: kuvanveistotaide
– finnish sculpture art

site-specific process of creation, an element of chaos that i allow to guide me. the reduction of possibilities is the door to fresh and unexplored thinking.
study, learn, develop, create
learn about finnish sculpture and art in public space by the sculpture trails offered by HAM museum. read. find a three-dimensional approach for intercultural understanding. respect. extract characteristics, differences, news. get acquainted. develop own creations inspired by the sculptural heritage that gives helsinki a face and many faces at the same time. show.

Sarah Hillebrecht’s residency is organised in cooperation between HIAP and Künstlerhaus Bremen.