Sarah Aiken

SARAH AIKEN is a performer, teacher and choreographer whose collaborative and solo work pursues an ongoing interest in how & what we value, using dichotomies & clashes to create poignancy through absurdity, wedding technology and corporality – creating assemblages greater than their parts. Her work shifts in form but is deeply bedded in choreographic, dancerly thinking, while drawing from and collaborating with, object, image, text/script, sound and technology. Engaging rigorously with participation, scale, waste and image, she leans into theatrical illusions and employs a reckless formalism; collaging and recycling content, structure and objects to consider theatricality, materiality and how we come together.

During the residency I will spend time in unstructured exploration, allowing space for things to arrive through reading, writing, research, image-making and movement.

Through movement and video practices, I am creating conglomerate forms, considering the body as an assemblage, as a landscape for microscopic life, as singular, as one of many, as a multitude, as a tool for change, both destructive and generative, and as temporary – tracing imagined histories of our matter before and after our ownership of it. This research imagines surreal bodies generated by each cells previous encounters, revealing indeterminate and multidirectional histories. Letting experiences contaminate this practice, living and working become their own assemblage.

Sarah Aiken’s residency is realised with support from The Australia Council for the Arts.