Sara Rönnbäck

Sara Rönnbäck is educated with a MA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2015) and is currently living on the border between Norway and Sweden. She works with sculpture and installation based on performativity, materiality and storytelling tradition. Through tactile, sculptural gestures, she wants to portray the ephemeral and changeable in reality; How the movement in thought, feeling and gaze changes what we look at. She uses materials that surround her: the piece of wood on the way to the studio, the piece of plastic in the ditch, the conversation with the chimney sweeper, and / or the text she was reading 5 years ago. Together, they build up understandings of both time and space, how these affect each other and those who find themselves in them.

Borders are what define us in relation to the other, when they are moved, closed or opened, the other also shifts. I want to portray what moves in the borderlands – that which doesn’t allow itself to be put in a category, that which goes sideways when other things go vertically and that which is transformed in the same moment as you thought you understood.

I want to use the residency period at the Suomenlinna to collect material; tactile physical materials, stories from Helsinki and those who inhabit it, as well as my emotional and rational encounters with the place.

At the meeting point between my personal stories and those of others, between emotion and reason, between hard and soft, tangible and ephemeral – work emerges consisting of sculpture, and poetic texts.