Sangkyun KIM

“What is important in art by Kim Sang-gyun is not the image, conflict between the heterogeneous elements of such images, or the compromise between their significance. Rather, the we must look at the artist’s focus on the borders between images, planes, lines, and colors. As the artist expounds, what enables the pictorial distinction of objects is the repetition of lights, colors, planes, and patterns with which we are familiar. Such elements possess fixed boundaries, enabling the artwork to stop at clearly specifying things that it harbors. … Kim attempts to reveal such possibility in the gap, space, and boundaries between all elements featured in his scenery that shows various techniques and images. This, in turn, is instantaneous and only possible in the present.” Sin Seung-o (Director of Perigee Gallery)

I work on the variety of pictorial gestures. Each gestures containing the material, the shape and the story become the mere surfaces surrounding themselves. These visual layers can be showing the weightlessness of capitalism society.
My perception is sometimes distracted by omnipresent capitalistic imagery. To avoid the distraction, my work aims at what I am able to sense for the time being.
In other words, I am to work on the moment and the space I belong to in 2019. Again, I will express my everyday senses on the large rolling paper during the residential period in Helsinki.