Sabine Gruffat & Bill Brown

Sabine Gruffat (b.1977, US)

Bill Brown (b.1969, US)

While at HIAP, Gruffat and Brown continue their research into remote media art-making through a project called P.A.P.A. (Public Address Protest Amplifier). Using off-the-shelf, readily available technical tools (cell phones, megaphones, and free computer software), they will assemble an audio amplifier system than can rebroadcast text messages sent from any place in the world by persons wishing to participate in a street protest. P.A.P.A. does not intend to replace the physical dimension of protest politics, but to augment it. P.A.P.A. offers the possibility that for every one body in the street, there could be thousands, even millions of remote participants who could add their voices to the protest space.