Rosalía Banet

Rosalía Banet is a Spanish visual artist. She graduated in Fine Arts from Vigo University in 1996 and got Doctor’s degree in 2003.

From her work she analyzes Society, showing its excesses and inequalities. She uses the human body and its diseases as metaphors to represent a chaotic system, alienating and dehumanized. Food is another constant in her projects. The food system serves as a vehicle for her to represent the hyper-consumist society with all its horrors. And to eat today, is just not only nourishment, it involves issues beyond the purely nutritional, social, political, economic and environmental

During my stay in HIAP, I’ll work in a project called The Empire of the Stomach. It seeks to highlight the importance of food choices and their consequences on a personal, social and environmental level. It constitutes an analysis and questioning of the current food system and an invitation to reflect on food and everything that surrounds it.

The project will become a series of drawings, meaning visual reflections and composing a cabinet of ideas about food and eating. These works will be painted with acrylic and watercolor pencils on paper.