Riikka Pelo

Riikka Pelo ( b. 1972) is a Finnish writer. Her debut novel Taivaankantaja (Heaven-Bearer) was published in 2006 by Teos. In 2013 it was followed by Jokapäiväinen elämämme-novel (Our Earthly Life) which was awarded by Finlandia-prize. She has published various essays in arts journals and worked widely in the fields of film and media arts, eg. in Peter Greenaway’s Tulse Luper Suitcases-project. She gained her MA in New Media New in UIAH and has continued her doctorate studies in Aalto University in the department of Film, Television and Scenography. She teaches writing in different universities and academies in Finland.

During her residency, Pelo is writing her third novel, Pyhä kevät (Sacred Springtime) related to notions of bare life and bare language. In addition she works on a radio play for YLE Radio 1 exploring urban futures as dreamed by two young Finnish women in 1915.