Andrey Blokhin (b. 1987) and Georgy Kuznetsov (b. 1985), the members of the RECYCLE group, are graduates of the Krasnodar State University of Culture and Art. They have exhibited their work in Russia and internationally. In 2010 they were awarded with the Kandinsky Prize. Among others Blokhin and Kuznetsov have participated in the 54th Venice Biennial with their project “Glasstress” (2011). They live and work in Russia. RECYCLE is represented among others by Triumph Gallery, Moscow and Galerie Rabouan Moussion, Paris.

Andrey Blokhin & Georgy Kuznetsov are from the newest generation of young Russian artists. RECYCLE will present their new piece i-Faith, which they have created for an exhibition at the Cable Gallery. “We believe the Internet is an independent, transparent structure, and yet this very structure is one of today’s most effective authoritarian regimes. A regime as strong and deeply rooted as FAITH itself. Like faith it has its own religious postulates and ceremonial worship. It has its own idols and prophets, tax-collectors and Pharisees. The Internet has religionized the masses, made peoples walk in its faith and abide by its rules, as once they observed their customary faith, having no doubts about it, asking no questions, relying on it, believing it,” state the artists.