Quelic Berga

Quelic Berga (b. 1980)

Graduated in audiovisuals and multimedia at the ERAM – University of Girona (Spain), master in Graphical Interface Design at the University of Lincoln (UK) and doing research on cultural interfaces, art and media during his PhD on interaction design and data visualization. Quelic Berga is an assistant professor at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) where he teaches Video, Interactive Design, Interactive Media and Virtual Reality. He also teaches (or encourages) creative processes with new media at ERAM (Universitat de Girona). He has given talks and workshops at several national and international institutions on art and technology.

Berga has been awarded with prizes on digital art, and some of his works have been shown in art centres and festivals in Spain, France and Singapore. Amongst them, Arts Santa Monica (Barcelona), Sala de Arte Joven (Madrid), VAD Festival (Girona), Ingràvid (Figueres), and the National Academy of Fine Arts, NAFA (Singapore). He uses several techinques, from performance art to sculpture, coding and media art, to generate interactive artifacts which often establish a vivid dialogue with the viewer. Most of his works -however beautiful in its surface- are there to challenge preconceptions about technology and a reminder of how it needs to adjust its potential to human measure and nature.