Paul Vanouse

Paul Vanouse (b. 1967) has been working in emerging media forms for over two decades. Interdisciplinarity and impassioned amateurism guide his art practice. He is a Professor of Visual Studies at the University of Buffalo, where he heads the concentration in Emerging Practices. His biological experiments, electronic cinema, and interactive installations have exhibited in over 20 countries and across the US. His recent projects, Latent Figure Protocol, Ocular Revision and Suspect Inversion Center use molecular biology techniques to challenge “genome-hype” and to confront issues surrounding DNA fingerprinting, particularly the idea that the most authoritative image of our time, the DNA fingerprint, is somehow natural.

In Helsinki, Paul Vanouse will work at the Biofilia laboratory at Aalto University on a new project involving the human epidermal micro-biome, specifically those bacteria that process sweat.