Ofri Cnaani

Artist statement:

Every artists in New York have at least three jobs. For years I led art walks in galleries and museums, which led me to explore museum education, specifically the guided tour, as part of my artistic practice. I’m interested in the many ways in which museum knowledge is formed, transformed, and spread between educators, their audiences, and art professionals.

My work often starts with a specific archive, artifact, or collection and develops into a time-based piece that directly engages existing communities, institutions, or urban spaces. In translating historical and cultural artifacts into contemporary tales, Iā€™m re-visiting space physically, visually, and culturally.


Ofri Cnaani (b. 1975) is an artist and educator working in time-based media, participatory performances, and large-scale installations. Born in Israel in 1975, Cnaani has exhibited and performed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, PS1/MoMA, BMW Guggenheim Lab, the Fisher Museum of Art, Twister, Network of Lombardy Contemporary Art Museums, the Moscow Biennial, Kunsthalle Wien, and Arnolfini. Select permanent collections include the Israel Museum, the Haifa Museum, the Panza Collection, and she has been commissioned by The Metropolitan Museum, The Israel Museum, and The Inhotim Institute in Brazil to create new original work. Cnaani lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.