Nora Olearius

Nora Olearius’ (*1988) artistic practice applies to numerical representations and mathematical calculations that critically deal with conventional attempts at quantification in the artistic field. A scientific framework usually forms the basis to develop subjective systems and observations that oscillate between truth and assertion, between documentation and fiction. The visualization of mathematics and exploring the field of tension between the logically justifiable and the sensual perceptible is an essential part of her artistic work.

Nora Olearius studied fine Arts at University of the Arts Bremen (Master 2017).

At HIAP I will focus on fractal geometry and its manifestations in Finland’s nature, as well as on the complex structure of the yoik, the traditional singing form of the Sámi people. My concern is to approach the Sámi culture respectfully and sensitively in order to arrive at an artistically analytical view to find, investigate and visualize fractal patterns in the yoik.