Nataliya Ilchuk

Nataliya Ilchuk graduated with an MFA in contemporary arts from Le Fresnoy – Studio National in Tourcoing, France after having studied cinema in Kyiv, Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland. The rapidity of social changes that happened in the past decades and the development of digital tools led her to working mainly with public and private archives, exploring the impact of modern technology and political ideology on constructing relations and art processes.

During the residency at HIAP I work on my ongoing research that focuses on the links between cinema and politics in the current geopolitical context of Ukraine in regard to its Soviet history. I’m interested in variations in the perception of reality due to the effects of mass media and screen representation of identity shaped on the verge of different eras. In an attempt to shed light on mechanisms between power and art, reason and emotion, censorship and self-censorship, I’m examining the challenges of reflecting the lived experience beyond contestable art conventions.

Nataliya Ilchuk’s residency is part of the Ukraine Solidarity Residencies program started in March by a group of independent art organisations who joined together to pool resources and share information. The current partners are AARK, Connecting Points programme, Fairres, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Goethe-Institut Finnland, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Pro Artibus, The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation, The Finnish Illustration Association and Saari Residence.