Morten Torgersrud

Morten Torgersrud (b. 1971)

Morten Torgersrud’s interests lie in the relation between photography and space/place/landscape, what one could call the geographic logic of photography. His work considers ontological and conceptual aspects of photography and space in relation to political-economic configurations of the northern geography in particular. He is interested in both historical and contemporary references.

For his stay in Helsinki Torgersrud will do research on Finnish photography projects relating to the north. He will also be looking into different scientific materials from the same area.

Morten Torgersrud was hosted by HIAP in spring 2013 as a part of the Focus AiR Residency Programme. Focus AiR is initiated and co-organised by Centre for Photography (Stockholm), The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (Oslo), and Union of Artist Photographers / Photographic Gallery Hippolyte (Helsinki).