Miranda Blennerhassett

Miranda Blennerhassett is interested in the cultural role of pattern and decoration and their relationship to architecture. Through her installation and drawing practice she is currently focusing on domestic textile crafts such as weaving, quilt-making, knitting and embroidery. In making her installations, Miranda is thinking about the relationship between architecture and ornament; between domestic space and institutional space; between the handmade and the mass produced; and about the gendered production of crafts and ownership of spaces. Born in the UK she now works from Ireland and gained her MFA from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

My aim is to move my work towards a combination of 2D and 3D elements. I want to develop my concepts for integrating painted elements with constructed objects, and to produce a new body of work in this direction. On a previous visit to Finland I came across himmelis – hanging geometric constructions made from straw. I am interested in their mathematical structure and in the tradition of sharing the methods of their construction with wider communities. I would like to take this practice as a starting point for ideas about fabrication, symmetry, domestic ornament and collective creativity within my own work.

Miranda Blennerhassett’s residency is realized in collaboration with Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin and supported by The Arts Council of Ireland.