Mikkel Sommer

Mikkel Sommer (1987) is a Berlin-based Danish illustrator. Over the past 7 years he’s been working in quite a few different fields. He has drawn and written a handful of long and short comic books, published in English, Danish, French and German, illustrated several children’s books, tattooed people, designed for animated films and worked in editorial illustration for The NY Times, The New Yorker and Danish newspaper Politiken.

His one month residency is dedicated to personal work alone. The time will be used fluidly in three parts. One part would be purely intuitive and aesthetic, and would focus on the act of drawing and painting in and of itself. On dissecting reality, simplifying matter, and create lines and shapes from the gut, and not from the head. The second part is of a more practical sort. It will be spend on the further development of personal book projects, both visually and textually. The third would be to draw inspiration from the surroundings, Nordic nature and folklore. The study trees and plants, museums and Finnish mythology.
The residency is realised in collaboration with The Finnish Comics Society.