Mikhail Kaluzhsky

Mikhail Kaluzhsky is a playwright and journalist. A native of Novosibirsk, he now resides in Berlin. He works in documentary theater, and his plays have been performed and stage-read in Russia, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Switzerland and United Kingdom. His main works are “Legacy of Silence” (2010, Sakharov Center), “Crisis” (2012, Berlin, Joseph Beuys Theatre/HAU/Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art), “Grandchildren. The Second Act” (2012, Sakharov Center/Culturescapes, Moscow/Basel, and 2016, Plymouth Royal, UK), “Uprising” (2016, Tomsk Young Spectators Theatre/Tomsk Regional Museum, Tomsk, Russia), “Stalin’s Funeral” (2016, Gogol Center, Moscow).

Currently a Russian language lead editor with Open Democracy Russia, Kaluzhsky worked as a curator of documentary projects at the Joseph Beuys Theater in Moscow (2010-2012) and curator of a theater program at Sakharov Center in Moscow (2012-2014). He curated theater laboratories “Working With Documents: Documentary Theatre And Minorities” (2012, Moscow) and “Documentary Theatre and Historical Memory” (2014, Moscow).

At HIAP Mikhail Kaluzhsky takes part in the States of Control exhibition.