Michaela Casková & Robin Everett

Michaela Casková is a visual artist, illustrator and a nomadic gardener. Walking, observing, asking, talking, being in silence, listening, imagining, picking, foraging, mapping and drawing are some of her tools. She is obsessed with watching weather forecasts and observing how numbers and data really feel, and how they affect our behavior and action. Michaela focuses on processes of connecting, sharing, doing, being and learning together. At the moment she works on different collaborative interdisciplinary projects focusing on environmental and diversity issues in times of climate change.

Michaela has worked as an active member in the Mustarinda Association since 2013, mostly as a residency coordinator, housekeeper, gardener, and art educator, to name a few.


Robin Everett
is a Bergen-based artist working in several constellations both individually and collaboratively. Outside of his own practice he is also a founding member of the Bergen text-based art collective TEXST. His practice employs video, text, and sculpture as equal extensions of time-based media to focus on non-human structures and scales of temporality. The work addresses this situation as a cartography of multiple levels, processes, and conceptualisations of time overlapping, where a geologic slowness is intricately entangled with micro-temporalities. His recent work plays with collective knowledge-building in probing a posthuman ontology of time.

He has been an active part of the Mustarinda Association since 2016 after first participating in the residency program. Since then he has worked both in the Mustarinda House and abroad in an effort to build and share ways of doing.


Michaela and Robin are on a 3-month residency at HIAP within the frame of the three year collaborative project Post-Fossil Transition, realised in partnership with Mustarinda. The project is supported by KONE Foundation.

After series of public events organised under the Post-Fossil Transition project, we would like to turn our focus “in”. The networks exploring and sharing the Transition and ways of doing must also be built on sustainable foundations. To facilitate this we wish to organise informal and responsive sessions together with friends and co-workers from both HIAP and Mustarinda, let ideas for future steps and visions flow over good food, talk, and walk under summer skies. The residency will serve as a meeting point for reflections and revisions on the project so far, and ideas and plans for the next stages.

During her residency in HIAP Michaela will also concentrate on art work to be part of LIAF (Lofoten International Art Festival) in Svolvær in September 2019.

Robin will also be developing several projects for upcoming exhibitions as well as working towards a series of events as a part of TEXST for Bergen Assembly from September to November 2019.