Meta Grgurevič

Meta Grgurevič, Slovenia

“In my creative process I stand for spontaneity and experiment and not so much for tactical thinking about causes and effects. On this level, I am constantly attracted to discovering the abilities and limits of a chosen media like drawing, animation, sculpting and installation.

I use an artistic language which is similar to writing poetry for me. The stream of unconsciousness, which drives the economy of creativity, opens up without censorship and social boundaries. It lures me to the edge of narration, a gaping division of a romantic eroticism and personal allusions which emerges on the boundary between a wish to expose the whole truth of the intimate and our realization that you can never see the end.

The aesthetics I have been developing since now, provokes unusual and sometimes disturbing experiences.
The narrative unfolding before the spectator’s eyes remains an unresolved, cyclical one. At whatever point the audience enters my generated spaces and installations, they find themselves embedded within this paradigm of personal intimate system, which presents itself as a perverse, unknown allusion space.”