Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi

Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi is a Finland-based Japanese artist who produces works in a wide range of mediums, including painting, textile, installation and text. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Osaka University of Arts in 2006. She makes her works with persistence, for instance, many of her works take years to complete. Since 2017 she has started to use urushi (Japanese lacquer) on her work.

My aim for this residency is to make us aware of the value of every single product/object we have around us. This time I’ll put new aspects and histories into failed and broken ceramics with an ancient Japanese repairing technique called kintsugi.

Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi’s residency is realised in the context of the Helsinki Design Residency Programme in collaboration with Strelka Institute, Iaspis, Helsinki Design Week and Design Museum Helsinki.