Martta Tuomaala

Martta Tuomaala (b. 1983) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. She graduated as Master of Fine Art from Aalto University in 2014. Tuomaala focuses on various forms of film, video and installation. Her artistic practice involves elements of socially engaged art and militant research. Common themes in her artworks are workers’ everyday life, struggles of different individuals and communities, and abuse of power. Tuomaala has worked in different low-income fields for several years, and her own experiences have inspired her to create projects emphasizing workers’ rights issues. Her artworks have been exhibited in various museums, galleries and festivals internationally.

During my HIAP Residency, I plan to focus on a film that deals with the position of workers in the field of leisure sports (such as personal trainers and gym instructors), as part of my broader multidisciplinary project exploring work-related topics and women’s role in today’s precarious society. There isn’t any collective agreement for the sports sector workers: zero-hour contracts and poor working conditions are common in the industry. I will concentrate on the research and pre-production of this specific artwork. I’m particularly interested in body politics and the conflict between physical appearance and reality.