Marta Alexandre

Visual artist Alexandre Marta (b.1979) constructs his art using various mediums: drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, video, and sound. He gives his practice the title Not just an error, referring to his interest in provoking error and playing with reality, “because reality doesn’t play by itself”. Drawing works as a basis for moving potentials and to elaborate on new visual scenarios. “The image is the capture of a knot in the nomadic trickle of consciousness.” Sometimes the drifts of imagination can produce the motive, or a representation, just as indecision can open up new unknown territories; like the “wetness of memory in conflict with the dryness of the facts”. This is the perspective from which Marta explores language: a frontier, like several voices and arrows that interact from different directions, tensions, faces, colours and structures, on the basis of conflicts or exchanges but all on the same organic terrain. Because the presence of the image comes from the poetic speech of an accident, deliberately set on the highways of knowledge, the work no longer consists of “just an error”, rather it becomes a logical error. Alexandre Marta’s residency is organised within an ongoing residency exchange program between HIAP and CEAAC – Le Centre Européen d´Actions Artistiques Contemporaines, Strasbourg, and with the support of FRAME.