Marijpol (b. 1982)

Marijpol is a comic artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Her stories are surreal mythologies infused with everyday life normality. Her characters are sympathetic, monstrous, sad, profound and sometimes just plain stupid. Apart from being inspired by cultural consumption (movies, internet) her body sensations are a main source for ideas. The features of her protagonists bodies are often part of the story and can also reflect certain personal and social emotions as well as myths and fairy tales.

Marijpol’s work has appeared in German anthologies like Orang and Spring as well as in international anthologies like Canicola and Mould Map. After several self-published comics. her first book Trommelfels was published by avant-verlag in 2011. It won an ICOM award for Best Scenario in 2012. In 2013 she released her second book Eremit with an exhibition at Fumetto festival in Lucerne.

During her residency Marijpol will prepare an exhibition of a surprise party for the protagonist of her last book – a lonely hermit with a head split by discord. A 12-page leporello (a folded concertina publication) will be published by avant-verlag (Berlin) and the Finnish Comics Society in time for the Helsinki Comics Festival 2014.

Marijpol’s residency is realised in collaboration with The Finnish Comics Society.