Malgorzata Markiewicz

“In my art I attend to human mentality and consciousness. I use clothing and fabrics as materials for my works. Our outfit is our second skin, the cover we put on when we are in contact with other people. I treat clothes as wit- nesses, accompaniments of our lives, vehicles of information and containers of memory traces. Outfit can be used as a form of an expression and articulation, and it engages us in plays – playing with outfit, playing with utterance. I often use knitwear, which is closest to our skin and we wear it every day. I am fascinated with the frames and figures it covers. The form of the outfit echoes and reconstructs the shape of a body. The fabric accords with our anatomy and remembers it even when we have undressed.”

Malgorzata Markiewicz´s residency is part of an ongoing residency exchange between Warsaw and Helsinki, organised by the Ujazdowski Castle – Center for Contemporary Art, HIAP and FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.